About iGOUMI

iGOUMI is an IT and Business solutions company founded in 2012 and established in 2014. In iGOUMI we design and develop professional business solutions which are presented to our clients with the most friendly and easy to use interface. We offer our clients the luxury of getting unique and attractive business solutions. iGOUMI enable businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology. We push the boundaries of smart and connected technology to make experiences possible for every company.

iGOUMI’s Journey Sponsoring Skillfest’15

iGOUMI presents its journey sponsoring Skillfest’15 which was held in Nile University, Cairo, Egypt and hosted by IEEE MUST SB.
iGOUMI introduced an interactive speech by Eng. Bahaa Mohamed Sharaf . During the speech, we displayed a video showing iGOUMI’s achievements during 2014 to the attendees.
Also we surprised the attendees with offers, competitions and prizes. Thanks […]

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iGOUMI Introduces HTML5 & CSS3 Course Organized by IEEE MUST

iGOUMI proudly introduced HTML5 & CSS3 course that was organized by IEEE MUST in Misr University, Cairo, Egypt. The course was presented by Eng. Bahaa Sharaf “CEO, iGOUMI”. This course was divided into three sessions which were presented in during 2nd, 9th and 16th of December for the year 2014.

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iGOUMI Participate in IMOC KSA 2014

iGOUMI Participate in IMOC KSA 2014 in the presence of Egyptian Minister of Transport and Saudi Minister of Transport. IMOC is an international conference and exhibition, in Marine & Offshore Engineering, organized by the AAST MT (League of Arab States), in cooperation with Ministry of Transport – Saudi Arabia and Saudi Ports Authority. Moreover, the […]

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Buy a Dynamic Website and Get Web Hosting for FREE!

We have this special offer for our customers. Buy a Dynamic website and get a whole year from our package “IG Builder” for FREE!. That’s not all, if you want the higher packages like “Pro” or “Ultimate” which has unlimited Domains, Email Addresses, FTP Accounts and much more, you will just pay the difference. This […]

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iGOUMI 2014

Were you seeking innovative and robust solutions? Wanted to always feel unique and iconic? Well, you came to the right place; with iGOUMI you may enjoy the Quality in Style. For the last year 2014 we have offered a range of innovative and robust software solutions designed specifically to meet your requirements and exceed your […]

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