We know what you are thinking now and we know some of your concerns so we are here trying to give you a peace of mind! iGOUMI is trying to do its best to comfort you and to earn your trust, so we created this section to cover some frequently asked questions hoping to give you the answers you need and to clear all your concerns.

You can kindly check our portfolio to see some great examples of our work that will inspire your imagination.

Well, Our team always uses professional programs to give you the best product ever!, Like Adobe after effects, 3D MAX, etc., Based on 3d or 2d characters, With the big aware of the advanced techniques that the technology produces to us every seconds.

That is a piece of cake!, We will offer you other copies of your application for all the operating systems so you can share it with any user you want.

- Please provide electronic copies of text and media. Our developers will not enter data or create content except under extreme circumstances. We need you to provide us with the content for your site, or the pages cannot be created. The number one reason that web sites are delayed is because of a lack of content.

– Please provide as much information about your business to your developer as you can. This will allow your developer to “get to know” your business and create a site that is in tune with your business.

– Please respond promptly to requests by the developer. Our developers are not responsible for missed deadlines due to lack of content.

– Most of all, we ask that you become as involved as you can in the creation process of your site. Remain in constant contact with your developer.

It is difficult to determine exactly what makes a good website. iGOUMI focuses on the individual needs of each client and builds a custom interactive marketing solution. However, the following points when used together can constitute a good website.

1- Clear attractive design that ties in with the business’s brand and identity.
2- Useful and interesting information that your customers will be interested in and appreciate.
3- Search Engine friendly content and construction.
4- Simple, clear navigation and structure so your customers can easily find their way around and get to what they are looking for.
5- A good website needs to be able to be viewed in whatever browser or service the customer is using, so cross-browser and platform compatibility together with accessibility features for the disabled are a must.

You can use whatever hosting provider you want as long as we’re provided with the access we need to build and maintain your website, and as long as the hosting provider meets our minimum requirements.

A web host, or hosting provider, is a business that provides space to store your web site on the Internet, where other people can view your pages. Without a web host, you won’t have a usable web site.

Some web hosts offer free services, but often times you are required to place advertisements or popups on your web site in exchange for the free space.

A domain name is the “www” or “dot com” address that will be associated with your web site. You need one of these if you’re going to have a web host.
A domain name points to a web host, and that’s how users on the web can access your pages.

No problem! All you need to do is point your domain to the server where your website will be hosted. This is usually a simple process and we can help you with it.

This largely depends on how long it takes for the design approval, and how quickly we receive the content that you want added to your website, such as text and images. Typically you’ll receive the first design draft just a few days after your initial deposit has been received. Depending on the size of your website it could take as little as 1 week to get it up and running.

Of course, we’d be happy to create a custom logo for you, just ask us for details!

We’re always happy to take a look at your current website to see where it can be improved and offer suggestions.

Our vision is divided into two main parts:
– Encourage the creativity and the non-traditional thinking at work. There is nothing impossible.
– The clients feel like a partner.